Food Trends

I’m always keeping up to date with food trends online or in magazines. Click on an item below to learn more about what I’ve discovered:

  • Alga protein – protein made from whole alga
  • Camel’s milk – exactly what it sounds like, milk from a camel
  • Innovative Vending Machines – vending machines carrying more than candy bars and bags of chips
  • Man-Made Milk – cow free milk made in a lab
  • Matcha – green tea powder
  • Home delivered snacks – an easy way to try new flavors and get some nutritious eats at your doorstep
  • Plant waters – move over coconut, here comes aloe, artichoke, maple, and cactus
  • Popcorn – many companies are creating more ready-to-eat popcorn that focuses on health and different flavor combinations
  • Quark – a cheese with yogurt-like texture, protein, and probiotics
  • Skyr yogurt – higher protein yogurt
  • Vinegar concentrate – mixed with soda water, it’s new way people are replacing sugary sodas

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