Grocery Store Savings – 4/10/17 Publix


Original Price: $2.59 for 1 box of popcorn         I paid: NOTHING

Smart Balance Microwave Popcorn: 1 box that is on sale for $1 each + one $1 of 1 newspaper coupon

  • That’s $0 per box!
  • Whenever I’m watching tv I seem to want to munch on something. Popcorn is a whole grain and can be a healthy snack as long as you don’t load it up with oil, butter, or salt. I had 2 coupons so I grabbed 1 of each flavor and will see how they are. You can always add some of you own herbs and spices that don’t have salt to give it flavor while keeping it healthy.


Original Price: $7.98 for 2 packages of fresh mozzarella       I paid: $1.99 for 2 packages

Galbani Fresh Mozzarella: $3.99 BOGO + two $1 off 1 printable coupon

  • That’s only $1 per package and each package has 8 servings it only $0.12 for each serving of mozzarella!
  • This will go great with some basil and tomatoes to make a caprese salad
  • I can also add this to some vegetables for a side dish
  • Serves as a great snack


Original Price: $3.98 for 2 bags of green beans                          I paid: $1.99 for 2 bags

Publix Green Beans: $1.99 BOGO

  • That’s only $1 per bag and each bag has 5 servings making it only $0.20 for each serving of fresh green beans!
  • People say that it’s hard to get fresh produce to fit in their budget but if you wait for the sales you can get a good price
  • This will be a great side dish for lunch and dinner


I found the savings here:

    • True Couponing Website
    • Publix @ Gateway Mall 7999 Dr MLK Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
    • Tampa Bay Times newspaper

****Keep in mind prices may vary at different Publix locations


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