Grocery Store Savings – 1/9/17 Publix

2017-01-09 Truvia.png

Original Price: $7.58 for 2 boxes of Truvia sweetener packets         I paid: $0.79 for both boxes

Truvia Sweetener packets: $3.79 BOGO + two $1.50 off 1 newspaper coupon

  • That’s only $0.40 for each box which has 48 packets each making it only less than $0.01 for each packet
  • I use these every day in my coffee and even bring them with me on vacation because I prefer the taste of stevia over any other sweetener


Original Price: $3.49 for 1 package of chicken sausages        I paid: $1.50 for 1 package

Al Fresco Apple Maple Chicken Sausage: $3.49 on sale for $2.50 + one $1.00 off 1 newspaper coupon

  • Each package has 7 sausages making it only $0.21 for each sausage
  • I have friends who choose not to eat pork that introduced me to these and I absolutely love them! It has the perfect mixture of savory from the chicken with sweet from the maple and crunchy from the apple. I use them for breakfast and even take them on camping trips. They can be frozen too in case you decide to stock up.

2017-01-09 Birds Eye Veg.png

Original Price: $4.96 for 2 bags of vegetables        I paid: $1.48 for 2 bags

Bird’s Eye Steamfresh vegetables: $2.48 BOGO + one $1.00 off 2 newspaper coupon

  • That’s only $0.74 for each bag which has between 3.5 to 4 servings (depending on which vegetable you buy) making it only $0.18 to $0.21 for each serving of veggies
  • There are all kinds of vegetables and even some starches like pasta and rice. It’s nice to have a backup handy when you’re craving certain vegetables are not in season and therefore not as cheap to purchase fresh. It’s very easy too, just pop into the microwave while you finish up the rest of your meal.


I found the savings here:

    • True Couponing Website
    • Publix @ Gateway Mall 7999 Dr MLK Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
    • Tampa Bay Times newspaper

One thought on “Grocery Store Savings – 1/9/17 Publix

  1. Thank you, Michelle Smith, for your wonderful site. I have been able to save money without having to spend time doing all the research that you do for your readers. That’s why I follow your sites!


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