Grocery Store Savings – 5/20/16 Publix

IMG_3232.JPGOriginal Price: $13.98 for 2 packages of pulled pork          I paid: $5.49 for 2 packages of pulled pork

Curly’s Pulled Pork: $6.99 BOGO + two $0.75 off 1 printable coupons

  • That’s only $2.75 for each package which has 8 servings each making it only $0.34 for each serving of pulled pork
  • This will be perfect for Memorial Day coming up. All you do is put it in the microwave to heat it up which makes it great for a work lunch or quick dinner too.

Original Price: $7.26 for 2 bottles of ranch dressing         I paid: $1.63 for 2 bottles of ranch dressing

Hidden Valley Ranch flavors: $3.63 BOGO + two $1 off 1 newspaper coupons

  • That’s only $0.81 for each bottle which has 16 servings making it only $0.05 for each serving
  • At Moe’s I always get their Chipotle ranch on my burrito and Chili’s has the avocado ranch for their salads and southwest egg rolls so when I saw this deal I knew I needed it for home.

IMG_3230Original Price: $5.30 for 2 tubs of spread                     I GOT PAID: $0.45 for 2 tubs of spread

Country Crock Spread: $2.65 BOGO + two $1 off 1 newspaper coupons + 2 $0.55 of 1 Publix newspaper coupons

  • Each tub has 30 servings giving you servings of spread for FREE
  • Add to oatmeal, toast, recipes, basically anything requiring butter or margarine. There is no hydrogenated oil so no trans fat.


I found the savings here:


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