Grocery Store Savings – 5/9/16 Publix


Original Price: $11.96 for 4 jars of pasta sauce          I paid: $2.73 for 4 jars of pasta sauce

Bertolli Pasta Sauce: $2.99 BOGO + two $1.50 off 2 printable coupons + $0.25 Ibotta (off 1 red pasta sauce any brand)

  • That’s only $0.68 for each jar and the larger jars have 5 servings and the small jars have 7 servings making it only $0.14 and $0.10 for each serving, respectively
  • This will be a perfect with the pasta and meats I have stocked up on during previous sales

2016-05-09 Chilis.jpg
Original Price: $7.38 for 2 boxes of frozen entrees            I paid: $2.69 for 2 boxes of frozen entrees

Chilis Frozen Entrees: $3.69 BOGO + one $1 off 2 printable coupon

  • That’s only $1.34 for each box 
  • These are perfect when you don’t have time to prepare dinner when you get home, just pop these in the microwave. Also great to bring to work for an easy lunch.

2016-05-09 Simply Mashed Potatoes.jpg

Original Price: $7.98 for 2 packages of potatoes           I paid: $2.49 for 2 packages of potatoes

Simply Pototoes Mashed Potatoes: $3.99 BOGO + two $0.75 off 1 newspaper coupons

  • That’s only $1.24 for each package of potatoes and each package has 5 servings making it only $0.25 per serving of mashed potato
  • These will be a perfect starch to add to a meal or a great dish to bring to a potluck for Memorial Day weekend coming up this month.


I found the savings here:



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