Build a Better Burrito

Burrito making chains are everywhere an unfortunately they are not helping your waistline. A beef burrito on a 12-inch tortilla with beans, rice, pico, and cheese is 800 calories. Follow these tips to make a better burrito at home to save you calories and money.

Pick Your Protein:

Usual choice: shredded beef chuck or pork shoulder

Better burrito: choose a grilled, spice-rubbed chicken for tons of taste but less fat

Choosing Carbs:

Usual choice: rice

Better burrito: try out some quinoa

Better Beans:

Usual choice: refried

Better burrito: black beans spiced with salsa

Tinier Tortilla:

Usual choice: 12-inch burrito-sized tortilla

Better burrito: use a smaller size or only 1/2 of the 12-inch

Crafty Cheese:

Usual choice: full-fat shredded cheddar

Better burrito: Low-fat crumbled goat cheese can give extra creaminess and a tangy taste


Prager, Carol. “Classic burrito.” Weightwatchers. May/June 2016. 87.

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