How to Survive Eating During Wedding Season

cheersWith wedding season comes much more than just one festivity. You have the bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinners, and then the main event. All of these are times that put your self restraint to the test as they usually include lots of food & alcohol along with some stress which may alter your sleeping too. Combine all of these things and you may find that you’ve gained some extra pounds by the end of it. Follow these tips to keep on track, enjoy the parties, and feel just as good about yourself after it’s all done.

Before It Starts:

Make a plan as to what you want to indulge in, how many drinks you should aim to have, etc. Know that you’ll be going through many emotions. Sometimes being in a celebratory mood will cause overeating and extra drinking from the many toasts. You may even experience some sadness or envy. Prepare for this by taking care of yourself in the days before the events. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and eat well.

As It’s Happening:

When a buffet is offered, scope it out first so you know what foods you’re going to want. Refer to my tips & tricks on surviving buffets for more on that. Use conversation as an excuse to pause between bites and sips. Get on the dance floor to work off those extra calories you consumed and prevent you from sitting at the table asking for seconds.

After It’s All Over:

If you did slip up and had too much to eat and drink, don’t beat yourself up over it and don’t get depressed. Move on and get back on track.


Kuzma, Cindy. “Healthy Matrimony.” Weightwatchers. May/June 2016. 19.

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