Grocery Store Savings – 10/9/15 Publix

10-09-2015 Green Giant Veggies & Yakisoba

Original Price: $11.46                                     I paid: $3.73

Green Giant Steamers Vegetables: 4 at $2.39 BOGO + 1 $0.80 off 4 printable coupon + $0.20 of 1 frozen veggie from Ibotta

  • Originally: $9.56 for 4 bags of veggies
  • I pay: $3.78 for 4 bags of veggies
  • That’s only $0.95 per bag and each bag has 3.5 servings of veggies making it $0.27 for each serving of vegetable 
  • This will be perfect as a side dish, as part of a recipe, or even a delicious snack

Maruchan Yakisoba: $0.95 BOGO + one $1 of 2 newspaper coupon

  • Originally: $1.90 for 2 boxes of noodles
  • I pay: GET PAID $0.05 for 2 boxes of noodles
  • Each box has 2 servings making it A MONEYMAKER for 4 servings of noodles
  • I like to think of these as Asian Easy Macs. If I decide to make a meal of it then I add veggies such as mushrooms, spinach, onions, peppers, etc. I can also use it as a side dish to a main meal

I found the savings here:

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