Grocery Store Savings – 9/10/15 Publix

09-10-2015 Activia & Bacon

Original Price: $13.77                                     I paid: $4.88

Wright Bacon: $8.99, on sale for $7.49 + one $1 off 1 newspaper coupon + one $2 off Publix coupon

  • Originally: $8.99 for 1.5 pounds of bacon
  • I pay: $4.49 for 1.5 pounds of bacon
  • Each package has 18 pieces making it $0.25 for each slice of bacon
  • This will be perfect for adding to breakfast or brunch dishes or pretty much any dish because bacon is delicious

Dannon Activia Yogurt: $2.39 BOGO + 2 $1 off 1 printable coupons

  • Originally: $4.78 for 2 packages of yogurt
  • I pay: $0.49 for 2 packages of yogurt
  • That’s only $0.20 for each package of yogurt and each package has 4 containers making it $0.05 for each container of yogurt
  • I purchase all different flavors which can be used in recipes, eaten by itself as a snack, or I can add some fresh fruit and have it for breakfast

I found the savings here:


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