Croissants de France – Key West


Address: 816 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040

Phone: 305-294-262

Parking: Not much parking available as it is on Duval. We went on a Wednesday morning so we could get a spot right in front but that will likely not always be the case. Parking was pay to park.

Seating: Outdoor seating available with plenty of fans to keep you cool but you will have your napkins and other table items blowing around so keep that in mind.

Service: We were a group of 6 which may seem overwhelming to some but there was only 1 other group in the restaurant. With that said, our server wasn’t quite the best. When asked if we could have a meal that was supposed to be a sandwich made with the eggs on the side instead of on the bread he made it seem as if that would be asking a lot of the chef. When asked if we could have butter, he stated “we do not normally bring that out but if you are asking for it I will bring it out” instead of just saying “ok, let me get you some”. I’m not sure if there was a language barrier but it just did not seem too friendly.


Key West - Croissants de France - Strawberry Mimosa

The strawberry mimosa was very yummy, not something that tasted like it was poured out of a plastic bottle and mixed with cheap champagne. We lucked out and happened to get the special 2-4-1 on the mimosa with the purchase of an entree.








Key West - Croissants de France - Cinnamon Brioche French Toast

Cinnamon Brioche French Toast – $11.95

Bananas with raspberry sauce on a cinnamon, brioche toast.

The server brought out syrup but it really wasn’t needed, the meal was sweet enough without it.



Key West - Croissants de France - Raspberry Croissant

The bakery items are exceptional. Not only are they very large but very delicious as well.

We got a raspberry croissant.






Overall, delicious food with generous portions.


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