Food Trends – Vinegar Beverages

In an attempt to decrease soda intake people are now trying a mixture of Pok Pok Som (a sweet and tart fruit and drinking vinegar concentrate) mixed with soda water. This allows the consumer to control the taste since they can add more or less vinegar for a lighter or bolder flavor. Pok Pok Som does not make any health claims about their product but does mention that many cultures have been drinking vinegar for health reasons now and in the past. Currently you have to buy the concentrate and mix with soda water yourself but the company is planning to expand to ready-to-drink beverages. The concentrates come in flavors such as thai basil, ginger, pineapple, tamarind, raspberry, and more.


  • Crawford, Elizabeth. (2015, January 19). “Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar offers a soda alternative, but has a few hurdles to overcome”. Retrieved from

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