Food Trends – AlgaVia Whole Alga Protein

AlgaVia is a vegan whole alga protein that can be found in products such as beverages, sauces, snacks, breads, and cereals. It is 65% protein and contains fiber, lipids, and micronutrients as well. It has a taste similar to pistachios. Whole algal protein is different that other proteins because it is protected within its cell walls so it will not react with other ingredients in a formulation. This means low pH beverages such as smoothies don’t need stabilizers added to stop the protein from falling out of the solution.

The flour they have created is 52% fat, 19% fiber, 6% protein, 17% carbohydrates. It is pale yellow with a creamy mouthfeel. It can be used to replace dairy fats, vegetable oils, and egg yolks which will reduce saturated fat, total fat, calories, and cholesterol of products with the added benefits of texture enhancement, emulsification, water binding, and flavor delivery.


  • Watson, Elaine. (2015, January 15). “FDA GRAS no objections letter paves way for mainstream adoption of whole alga protein, says Solazyme”. Retrieved from

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