10/30/14 – Publix Grocery Savings


 Original Price: $42.30                                     I paid: $15.15

Palermo Frozen Thin Crust Pizza: $6.99 BOGO + two $1 off 1 printable coupons

  • Originally: $13.98 for 2 boxes of pizza
  • I pay: $4.99 for 2 boxes of pizza
  • That is only $2.50 a pizza, each pizza is 3 servings so $0.83 for each serving of pizza
  • This will be perfect for a weekend dinner when I’m not in the mood to cook or if I have people over for some movies or a game night

Mueller’s Pasta: $1.59 BOGO + one $1 off 2 newspaper coupon to get fun shapes like corkscrews & bowties OR use 2 $0.75 off 1 printable coupon for “pot-sized” spaghetti or angel hair

  • Originally: $3.18 for 2 boxes
  • I pay: $0.59 for 2 boxes of shapes or $0.09 for 2 boxes of straight pasta
  • That is only $0.30 a box for shapes, each box is between 6-8 servings so at most it’s $0.05 a serving for each serving of shapes
  • That is only $0.05 a box for “pot-sized”, each box is 8 servings so really cheap for each serving of straight pasta
  • All I need to do is add some veggies and some protein and I have a full meal

Mrs. T’s Pierogies: $2.79 BOGO + one $1 off 3 newspaper coupon

  • Originally: $11.16 for 4 boxes
  • I pay: $4.58 for 4 boxes
  • That is only $1.15 a box, each box is between 12 pierogies so $0.10 a pierogi
  • These will be good snacks for me, a good starch side for dinner, or a good appetizer to bring when watching sports at a friend’s house

Trident Salmon Burgers: $6.99 BOGO + two $1 off 1 newspaper coupons OR if you only have 1 newspaper coupon you can also use 1 online publix coupon

  • Originally: $13.98 for 2 boxes of salmon burgers
  • I pay: $4.99 for 2 boxes of salmon burgers
  • That is only $2.50 a box, each box has 4 patties so $0.62 for each salmon burger
  • All I need to do is add a bun and some toppings, slice and add to a salad, make a lettuce wrap, etc.

Also, avocados are on sale for $1 each but none of them were ripe when I was shopping so I’m going to hold off for now.

I found the savings here:




  • You will need to register a phone number to get the online publix coupons and then at the register you will enter the phone number and it will automatically take the money off at the end, no clipping necessary. Keep in mind that you can only use a coupon once, so even though I bought 2 Trident Seafood items, I only get $1 off one time so that’s why I use the Publix online coupon + a newspaper coupon. Also note that even though it is a Publix online coupon it is still treated like a manufacturers coupon and therefore cannot be stacked.

And using coupons from my local newspaper


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