10/7/14 – Publix Grocery Savings

Groceries 10-6-14


Original Price: $30.91                                I paid: $10.96

Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts: $5.49 BOGO + two $1 off newspaper coupons

  • Originally: $10.98 for 2 boxes
  • I pay: $3.49 for 2 boxes
  • That’s only $0.87 for each stuffed chicken breast
  • All I need to do is add some veggies and I have a full meal for a very low price

Campbell’s Homestyle Soup: $2.49 BOGO + one $0.50 off 2 newspaper coupon

  • Originally: $2.49 for 1 can
  • I pay: $1 for 1 can
  • That’s only $0.50 for each serving
  • I keep these at work as a back up for when I don’t have leftovers for lunch or didn’t have time to make something. Each can is 2 servings so I heat up the whole can, eat half, put the rest in my work fridge and eat it the next day.
  • There are Healthy Request options lower in sodium and calories so it can easily fit into your diet.

Pompeian Olive Oil/Canola Oil Blend: on sale for 1/2 off + one $1 online printable coupon

  • Originally: $4.99
  • I pay: $1.50
  • Everyone needs oil, whether it’s for sauteeing, grilling, baking, etc. I always wait for the brand I have a coupon for to go on sale so I get the cheapest price but still a good quality brand name.


  • thekrazycouponlady.com

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