How to Survive Eating at the Fair

deep friedGoing to the fair may seem like a nutrition nightmare. Everything is deep fried, not just funnel cakes and elephant ears but oreos, any candy bar you can think of, even beverages and vegetables. So how can someone attend and enjoy themselves without going overboard? As I always say, the key is moderation, but here are some other things you can do to keep your waistline the same as it was before you went to the fair.

The more the merrier. 

If you go with more people then you can share items instead of eating the entire fried food alone. This will at least cut the calories, fat, etc in half.

Check out all the options. 

Don’t just get the first food that sounds or smells good because you may find something even better and then end up doubling or tripling your intake. Scope out the whole fair first, keeping in mind what makes the top of your list and then make your final decision.

Drink low calorie beverages. 

If you’re going to eat fried food all day, try to stick with water for your drink. There’s no use adding high calorie/sugar sodas to your intake. Plus, you can drink those anywhere, no point in wasting your money on them at the fair.

Keep moving. 

The good news is that fairs are usually pretty large so you’ll be walking around a lot which can help use up some of those calories you’ve been ingesting. Keep in mind, that doughnut bacon cheeseburger and funnel cake will likely not be walked off at the fair alone but it will at least get you started.

Be good leading up to and after the fair. 

Try to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low fat milk the days before and after the fair. Don’t treat it like a “cheat week” or else you really will see increases on the scale that may be harder to change back.

Nutrition of fair foods

Here are a few staples you frequently see at the fair. It’s easy to see how the calories and fat can add up quickly if you aren’t eating just 1 item

Funnel cake with powdered sugar

  • Calories: 760
  • Fat: 44 g

4 fried oreos

  • Calories: 891
  • Fat: 48 g

Doughnut bacon cheeseburger

  • Calories: 902
  • Fat: 67 g

Cotton candy

  • Calories: 114
  • Fat: 0 g

Foot long corn dog

  • Calories: 280
  • Fat: 15 g



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