Food Trends – Camel Milk

Everyone is looking for an alternative source of milk. We have soy, rice, almond, and now, camel. A company called Desert Farms is selling came’ls milk. They boast that is is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin B1 (also known as thiamin), it’s a good source of protein, potassium, and phosphorus, has 50% less total fat and saturated fat than USDA whole milk. They sell both raw and pasteurized camel milk. Keep in mind if you have a weakened immune system or are pregnant that raw milk is not recommended to consume. The website states the milk is additive- and preservative-free, the camels are pasture raised, 100% grass fed with no hormones. So what’s the downside? Well it costs $16 for a 16 ounce pasteurized bottle, so $1 an ounce. There are 128 ounces to a gallon so that’s $128 for a gallon. It’s $2 more for raw milk.

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