How to Survive Dining Out

Order First: 

One study found that people tend to order similarly to their tablemates regardless of whether calorie information was posted on the menu. The peer effect seems to outweigh the impact of calorie counts. If your friend orders a salad, you’re far more likely to order one too. If you’re dining out with pals who love junk food, set a healthy tone by placing your order first.


A glass of Chianti or Prosecco adds about 150 calories. Every glass of sangria adds about 250 calories.


Leave it in the basket to save 150-300 calories. If you can’t resist, limit yourself to 1 piece.


If you’re worried about sodium intake it’s best to skip the soup and dodge the 1000-2000 mg of sodium. Get a salad instead for less sodium even with dressing, and more potassium.


If you can, order a lunch portion. If not, split an ordinary entree or ask for 1/2 to be put in a to-go bag before it is brought out to the table.


Order tomato-based  sauces like marinara, pomodoro, arribbiata, or diavolo which are around 200 calories instead of alfredo, cream, pesto, or butter which are at least 500 calories.

Choose seafood as your protein, meat sauce is a runner up, sausage is worst.


Get veggies for only 50-200 calories instead of potatoes for 200-500 calories or pasta for 300-700 calories.


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