Food Trends – Man-Made Milk

Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi are crafting a plant-based concoction that’s nearly identical in taste and nutritional makeup to cow’s milk. They are researchers at Muufri (pronounced like “moo free”). They have modified sunflower oil so that it can take on a structural composition similar to milk fats; substituted lactose with galactose, a nearly indistinguishable sugar; and culture yeast to release casein, a protein found in animal milk. If successful, their process might someday be used to churn out milk and a wide range of dairy products, such as cheese, butter and yogurt. There is no cholesterol and more sustainable as the process requires less feed and produces less waste than producing cow’s milk. During the production, no DNA is altered, so it’s not considered a GMO. According to their website their ” products are made with the same precision as medicines, they’ll be free of all bacteria – meaning a great-tasting milk with unprecedentedly long shelf life, no pasteurization needed”.



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