Margaritaville – Orlando City Walk


Address: 6000 Universal Plaza, Suite 704 Orlando, Florida (in City Walk)

Phone: 407-224-2155

Looking to relax with a cheeseburger in paradise or want to sip on a margarita straight from Margaritaville itself? This is the place for you. Inside you’ll be listening to Jimmy Buffett songs plus other artists and you can watch the music video while you eat. There’s also outside seating that has live music playing for your listening pleasure. Be aware, this is inside City Walk next to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, so it is likely to be packed. There are 2 hostess stands, 1 for indoor seating, 1 for outside seating, so make sure to check the wait times for each if you’re flexible. Also, the bar and high top tables are first come first serve so you may be able to get a seat there faster. All the servers are wearing brightly colored shirts with common phrases from Buffett songs like “License to Chill” and “if we weren’t all crazy we’d just go insane” and the tables have covers from Jimmy’s CDs. It definitely has a calming island feel, perfect for relaxing between waiting in long lines for rides at the theme parks.


margaritaBlueberry Pomegranate Margarita – $9.25

Margaritaville Silver Tequila, Cointreau® Orange Liqueur, blueberry pomegranate purée and the house margarita blend.

This is not your traditional margarita in many ways. First, it comes in a tall glass, not the usual margarita glass so if you’re looking to get your margarita picture it may just look like any other mixed drink. It doesn’t come with salt on the rim. I personally don’t like salt with my margaritas and always ask for sugar and the waitress made no fuss when I requested the sugared rim. It doesn’t have the sour taste that you get with the traditional margarita. If you’re more into sweet than sour, this will be a good choice for you. It comes with an orange and lime garnish and was perfect for the hot Florida summer.

I would definitely recommend this drink.


corn chowderCrab & Corn Chowder – $5.99

I love crab and chowders so this was a no brainer for me to order. It was very creamy, with large chunks of carrots, celery, and onion. There was plenty of mashed corn pieces and while there were not large lumps of crab there were strings of it and you could taste it. It has a little kick to it so for those that don’t like spice approach with caution. It was pretty filling which could be a good thing depending on what else you’re ordering for your meal.

Overall, I will likely get it again but order a smaller meal for my entree next time.


steak quesadillaKey West Quesadilla (Carne Asada Steak) – $15.99

There are 3 choices of quesadilla: chicken, steak, or carnita. I personally try to eat steak when I go out to eat because I never seem to make it at home so that’s how I made my decision. It’s cut into 4 pieces and is quite a large portion, there was no skimping here. There were grill marks on the flour tortilla with large chunks of steak and gooey, melting Monterey Jack cheese oozing out from it. It comes with a side of guacamole, lime crema (think liquid sour cream), and pico de gallo made with fresh chunks of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. I layered the guac on first, then dipped into the crema, and topped with the pico to get every flavor in each bite. They also come with chips but I used them with my entree.

I would get this again in a heartbeat and would even have it as a main course for myself if I wasn’t sharing.


fish tacoFish Tacos – $16.99 for fried fish, $20.99 for grilled Mahi Mahi

The menu says the fish comes fried but as I’m trying to be somewhat of a dietitian here I asked if the fish can be grilled. The server said that they will use Mahi Mahi (not sure what fish they use when frying) so it would be a slight upcharge. The tacos were topped with very large slices of avocado, a mound of cilantro lime coleslaw, and key lime crema drizzled on top. On the side was a bowl of black beans, plate of island rice, and the same pico de gallo from the quesadillas. These taco were really quite bland, especially compared to the quesadillas. I’m not sure if they would have been better fried but even with adding the pico, there wasn’t too much going on to spike my interest. The coleslaw topping added some crunch but not much else. The black beans had a lot of liquid and there wasn’t anything too special about them in terms of seasonings and flavor. The rice also lacked any real excitement too. I ended up taking my chips from my appetizer and make a mini nachos with the rice and beans, topping them with pico and the lime crema which helped.

I will probably not be ordering this item again.

I was unable to find any nutrition information for the menu items. Keep in mind that margaritas are often very high in calories, mostly from sugar. The corn & crab chowder is a cream based soup which tells me it will also be very calorically dense. The steak quesadillas are a bit lighter except for all of the cheese. The fish tacos are probably the best as far as nutrition. The beans and rice are a low fat source of protein along with the grilled fish.


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