Address: 610 W Morse Blvd, Winter Park, FL

Phone: 407-THE-COOP

This is some Florida southern cooking brought to you by the owner of 4Rivers. If it’s busy, not only will you have trouble with parking but also be prepared to wait outside in line. Don’t want to wait? Call ahead for take out. When you walk in you may not be greeted by an overwhelming smell of a country kitchen but believe me, the food is delicious nonetheless. I took some to go and it only took a minute for my car to smell like a southern granny’s kitchen. Seating is on benches and old wooden chairs, and you’ll likely be sharing a table with some strangers so be ready to get friendly. There’s a handwashing area for you to use before you eat along with take out boxes ready as you will likely need them thanks to their very large portions.


Entrees here come in the form of “plenty” which gets 2 sides or “generous” which gets 3 sides  & cornbread

Chicken & DumplingsChicken & Dumplings – $9.99 for plenty, $12.49 for generous

I ordered the generous portion and got 3 dumplings with lots of white and dark meat shredded chicken with visible chunks of celery and shredded carrot. The Dumpling were soft & moist and the chicken was creamy. The cornbread on its own is pretty tasty but add some honey and you’ve hit the jackpot. Of course, I’m a sucker for sweet and savory. This plus the 3 sides was more than enough for dinner plus another meal. Consider sharing or having leftovers.

Definitely something I would have again and again.


If you don’t get them with an entree they are $2.49 for 8 oz, $6.49 for 1 pint, $12.49 for 1 quart, and $44.99 for 1 gallon

 Cole Slaw

As I said before, I like a little sweet with my savory. There are many ways to make cole slaw and this is definitely the sweeter kind as opposed to to the vinegar or pepper kind also seen with southern cooking. It’s light and refreshing and almost a relief with all the heavy items but it is a little dry for my taste and I prefer a little more liquid.

It’s definitely not a side to pass on if you like sweet cole slaw but it won’t make the top 3 either.

Creamed Corn

Creamed Corn

I have only had creamed corn out the can and I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people I know that like it that way. Then I see this. It’s so creamy that it’s white. Just from looking at it you can tell this is going to be some very creamy creamed corn, and it doesn’t disappoint.

 This is a side I would definitely recommend.

Pimento Cheese Grit Cake

Pimento Cheese Grit Cake

The name says it all. It’s grits and pimento cheese made into a cake. Make sure to get yours nice and hot as it becomes quite bland and hard as it sits out. Since I had mine at home I put in the microwave which not only softened it up but brought out the cheesy flavor as well.

This is a good one to try but I probably won’t go get it again.

There are no nutrition facts available for the food but you can rest assured that it is very calorically dense. Make sure to share with other or keep at least half for leftovers to prevent regret later.


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