Food Trends – Innovative Vending Machines

Be on the look out, vending machines are getting a makeover. The US vending machine  industry has been on the decline but it’s predicted to start rising thanks to updated versions that provide anything from cupcakes to smoothies to burritos.

Denis Koci spent five years developing the technology for the Burritobox, which offers warm burritos on demand. His Los Angeles company, the Box Brands, rolled out six machines this year in the Southland and in August will start franchising nationally in places such as colleges. Diners can pick between options such as hand-rolled vegan fajita burritos for $3.65 and add sides such as guacamole and sour cream. Soon the boxes will toast the burritos and also offer warmed chips with salsa. The products are heated inside to 195 degrees Fahrenheit before popping out.

Jamba Juice has installed JambaGo machines in hundreds of schools. Last year they put about 1,400 machines in places like Target and has an additional 1,000 planned this year.

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills plans to install its Cupcake ATM at all of its bakeries within a year, up from the six currently in operation. Each ATM holds up to 760 cupcakes; some machines can sell four at a time from a range of flavors, including one for dogs. One kiosk sells an average of 1,000 cupcakes a day.

Farmer’s Fridge  is a healthy new spin on vending machine food. This self serve kiosk is filled daily with salads, snacks, and weekly meal specials. All the food is made fresh each morning and includes various salads (antioxidant, high protein, the cheater, and more) veggies & hummus, protein choices (tuna, salmon, chicken, tofu) and yogurt parfaits. Right now it can be found only in Chicago but the company is planning to expand so be on the look out.


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