Nutrition at the Airport Terminal

People say it’s impossible to eat healthy while traveling, especially at the airport. Try to bring snacks from home as there may be limited healthy options and there will definitely be many temptations. Bring homemade trail mix, fresh fruit and vegetables already cut for easy eating, and cheese sticks. If you find yourself at the airport without your own healthy snacks, try these tips:

Concourse snack options:

  • Fiber
    • Look for snacks with 3 grams of fiber or more per serving in items like granola, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, peanuts, low-fat yogurt, and fruit
  • Saturated fat
    • Try to keep the saturated fat to 2 grams or less per serving
  • Sugar
    • Look for snacks with 8 grams or less of sugar

Concourse restaurant options:

  • Healthier fare menus
    • Many restaurants are including healthier items on their menu
    • Look for grilled chicken breast, side salads, and low-fat dairy
  • Buy it and bring it
    • You can also buy food and bring it on the plane with you, no need to hurry up and devour it
  • Drinks
    • Make sure to stay hydrated to give your body a feeling of satiety and prevent overeating
    • Hydration will help you fight feelings of fatigue and can help your immune system run at its peak
  • Dietary restrictions
    • Vegans and vegetarians should look for restaurants with ethnic cuisine
    • Mexican restaurants often have bean burritos
    • Chinese restaurants often have vegetable stir fry with rice
    • Middle Eastern restaurants often have hummus and falafel

You can always research the airport ahead of time to find out what is available near your terminal.


Gibson, Mia. (2014, June 25). “Nutrition Know-How: Travel snacks are handy, healthy.” Retrieved from

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