The Blood-Type Diet

The Diet

 Introduced in 2007 by Peter D’Amato via the book “Eat Right for Your Type”. Believes a person should choose and avoid specific foods based on their blood type because their body chemistry responds in different ways.

Diet Claims

States that you would not only lose weight but be healthier overall.


  • The eating plans are mostly healthy


  • You are creating unnecessary restrictions

Researchers Say

  • Recommending that one blood type can eat oranges but not grapefruit is not based on any scientific evidence.

Studies Show

  • Diets of nearly 1500 people were examined and those that followed the same diet had similar results in cardiovascular risk factors, such as insulin & cholesterol, regardless of their blood type.

Bottom Line

Choose healthy, nutritious options when eating and don’t worry about how your blood type might come into play.



“Reality Check: The Blood-Type Diet.” Shape. May 2014. 124


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