Super Bowl Party

While you may be more interested in the commercials versus the actual football game, one thing is for sure, the food makes the party. As the host of the party, you want the food to be delicious as well as easy for you so you’re able to spend more time with guests and watching the game. I’ve tried out many different recipes and what I’ve determined is having a “make-your-own” food bar is the best. This is a way to allow everyone to have exactly what they want without you having to make multiple variations.

I have 2 options with recipes included:

1. Sliders

2. Nachos

You can chose one or do both.

Check out my pulled pork recipe to get the base for some pulled pork sliders then just have some buns set out along with various topping. Need some ideas? You can also have some chopped onions, slices of cheese, and BBQ sauce available to make is super easy for you. Want to get more creative? How about homemade cole slaw, a creamy lime sauce, or chopped mango & cilantro. You can even tell guests to bring toppings to share and you’ll provide meat and buns to make it easy on yourself.


with mango & cilantro topping      IMG_3800[1]

with creamy lime sauce

For the nachos, check out my recipe for perfect nachos with every flavor in each bite and no soggy chips. You can also use my above pulled pork recipe for the meat. Again, you can provide easy topping options or ask guests to bring their favorites.


with mango, cilantro, creamy lime sauce, onions, and corn


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