Bento Red – Gainesville

Address: 3841 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL

Phone: (352) 224-5123



Rockin Roll – $6.95
Krab delite, masago, scallions, jalapeno, and avocado, topped with minced spicy trio of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, and sprinkled with tempura flakes.

While I enjoy some spice I decided to go without the jalapeno. For dipping I used eel sauce, my usual. It was a very light and cool suhsi roll, great for a hot Florida summer. With that said, I would definitely order something else as it isn’t extremely filling. And that’s saying something because I usually only eat 1 sushi roll and sometimes I can’t even finish 1 by myself. Overall, I would order it again and share some other rolls with friends.


Bento Red Gainesville - Red Bean Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea with Pearls $3.25

Tea base mixed with milk and red bean flavor with chewy tapioca balls.

This is my favorite milk tea flavor, although I must admit, it’s the only milk tea flavor I have tried. It’s creamy and sweet and the gummy pearls add a little surprise you weren’t expecting if you’ve never had tapioca balls before. It reminds me of a different take on a strawberry milkshake and I definitely recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Bento Red – Gainesville

  1. Hi — first time here, that photo makes me so hungry! I’ve also never thought of eating my sushi with eel sauce, is there less sodium in that than soy?


  2. Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 I have found that everywhere I try eel sauce it tastes very different, sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s thick and tarry. I’m assuming it’s homemade at the sushi places I go to therefore it’s difficult to know if there’s more or less sodium when compared to soy sauce. I know can tell you that there are definitely more calories compared to soy sauce.


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